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Experience the bamboo charcoaled memory pillow with the revolutionary cooling gel structure which offers exceptional sleep comfort and natural cooling effect. This advanced Akemi Uchi Ortho Cooling Gel Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow gives your head, neck and shoulder muscle a full relax. It gently cradles your body shape, provides total muscle relaxation while staying cool to the torch. The innovation of visco elastic memory foam is designed to provide orthopedic comfort to your body contour while cooling gel structure allows you to sleep cool and fresh. The bamboo charcoaled properties strongly absorb odour and moisture, enabling you sleep in a hygienic environment. The natural bamboo charcoaled particles improve your blood circulation, promotes a good health better than a good night sleep.

Revolutionary Cooling Gel
Natural Cooling Effect
Promote Blood Circulation & Metabolism
Provide Orthopedic Support
Breathable Fabric Cover
High Density Visco Elastic
Cooling Gel 

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